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About Us

Welcome to DIY Happy Kits, where we believe that learning and discovering the world around us should be as fun as possible!

We’re a family of parents, educators and crafters who want to share our love for arts, crafts and the DIY science experiments that we did as kids, or discovered as adults with our children. And above all, we hope that with the hands on nature of our DIY Happy Kits, we can inspire and encourage creativity in our daily lives. We believe that children are naturally inquisitive, and nothing makes them happier than satisfying their curiosity (‘Why?’ is probably the thing you hear most often after all!)

Interactive and hands on learning not only enriches our children’s minds and helps build their self confidence, it helps us to create special moments for the whole family. Moments where everyone can get creatively involved in a project while making memories that will last for a lifetime.

Our team members use their life experiences and their world travels to inspire each experiment, and the children on our team test each and every one before they’re fine tuned and turned into our DIY Happy Kits.

DIY Happy Kits are great gifts for your kids, teens as well as to nieces, nephews, grandchildren or even just adults! And just to get them that little bit extra excited about their DIY Happy Kits, we’ll be mailing a little something directly to your children. Because when you’re young, there is nothing quite as exciting as getting something addressed to you in the mail!

So go ahead, get your happy on and place your order today! And who knows, maybe order one for yourself as well???