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No Bake Holiday Desserts

desserts holiday baking holidays

It's that time of the year, abundance of holiday parties, school parties, holiday shopping, winter events and so on. Holidays are fun, but super busy too!! Here are 6 no bake desserts that you can whip in a jiff, and so elegant to make a mark at your next potluck.



Lovely looking Christmas Cheesecake from Bake Play Smile.



Delectable Peanut Butter Oreo Truffles from the Cottage Market.



These no bake white chocolate dipped mint thins are super easy. See recipe here.



Yummy and elegant Nutella Cheesecakes. Find recipe here.



This red velvet cheesecake recipe is so easy and elegant, a sure hit at any get together.

Find recipe here.



These rice krispie cookies are a breeze to make, even the kids can make at a holiday party.

Find recipe here.


Find more Holiday recipe ideas on our Pinterest page.

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