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Go Beyond Traditional Gift Wrapping

Christmas gift wrapping gifts holidays

It's the thought that counts, but presentations take it to the next level! Add a personal touch to your holiday wrapping with unique personal additions to the traditional wrapping. And you do not have to spend a ton on that either! Most of the time, look around, and you will find unique items to create some stunning presentations. 

Beyond the traditional wrapping paper

Old maps, left over craft paper, hand stamp paper grocery bags may add unique touches to your gift wrapping. Fabric or fabric scraps are a fun way to wrap irregular presents, and can be reused too.

Beyond the ribbon

Try using twine for an elegant wrap. Baker's twine can add a lot more character and color to your gifts. Paracord, yarn and leather cord also make for fun wrapping to the gifts. 

Beyond the tags

Small vintage cards, easy unique printable tags can add your unique touch to the presents. 

Beyond the swag

Add pine leaves, pine cones, dried berries or even a small piece of candy or chocolate to add some more unique character to your gifts. Make it your own with a small cookie cutter, or a Lego figure! 

Here's a free printable from us, have fun wrapping your holiday gifts! 



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