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DIY Himmeli Ornaments

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Perfect for festive and Christmas decorations, make these Himmeli ornaments in a jiff! You can also make smaller versions of these to add to your holiday gifts and dress up packaging.



All you need is a bunch of paper straws, some thread, twine or yarn,  a needle makes the process easier, but you can you can do without it too.


How to:


1.  Thread the twine through the needle.

2.  Cut each straw into 4 equal sized pieces. String four straw pieces into the twine. Pull the threads until the straws meet. Then tie a square knot.

3.  Now pull the thread through two straw pieces and secure with an knot on the opposite end.

4.  Thread two more pieces and tie at the top (the opposite end you just strung them from).

5.  Tighten the knots at each intersection of the straws so that your straws form a 3D structure.

6.  Trim the twine around the knots. Loop your thread at the top point and tie it to form a hanging thread for your Himmeli ornament.


Find more DIY ornament ideas on our Pinterest page.


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